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NDAA: Indefinite Detention of Americans

Have you heard of this sneaky act to define the US as a battlefield and allow indefinite detention of americans? If you haven’t please read up on it (see links at bottom of email).

I contacted my congressman’s (Chris Gibson’s) office on the bill and they seemed concerned about it too, but since then I haven’t seen or heard any official statement from them. This is an important bill to stop so I recommend that you contact congress and ask that this nefarious bill be opposed. Congressman Justin Amash has written a bi-partisan letter asking congressional leaders to modify the offending provisions, yet up to now Gibson’s name is not signed in support. Check if your congressman has signed, and if not please mention this in your call.

Please also call your senators (Gillibrand and Schumer in NY) — If one of your senators is a conferee on the committee to reconcile the house and senate versions (Gillibrand is) then they have more power to strip the provisions from the bill. This is a bill that any American, liberal or conservative, should oppose.

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